she wrote tide worse

It’s simply disgusting. The flavor may not be terrible (a little bitter), but the texture is the worst of any food I’ve ever bought myself. It’s gooey and sticky NOT in the way you want it to be, and sticks to every inch of the inside of your mouth and I’ll probably be trying to get all the nasty goo off my gums and teeth for the next 10 minutes or so. It is simply disgusting. Trust me. I’m chewing as I type, and I am going to walk away from my desk to gargle my mouth with water.

weigh seed triangle town

Both my cats love these treats and eagerly gobble them up — the problem is that the cats eat so quickly that they don’t actually chew the treats! The treats are smaller than their kibble, which is a large triangle/pyramid shape of food, thus they are quite easy to swallow with little or no chewing. Since the chewing and crunching is necessary, the cats aren’t really benefiting from the dental effects. But they do love the taste, so I’m happy to give this 4 stars.

attached spring oldest wonder

I do like this better than the Earth’s Best Oatmeal cereal (made my baby constipated). However, I will not continue to buy this product. THIS IS COMPLETELY MY FAULT FOR NOT DOING MORE RESEARCH. The company claims that none of the DHA used in their products was produced using the “hexane method”. However, the company that produces Life’s DHA, claims that they only use the hexane method, because it is the only FDA approved method. I tried questioning both Happybaby, as well as Martek (makes Life’s DHA), but didn’t get a response from either company. If you are wondering what’s so bad about Life’s DHA, and the Hexane method… Google: Hexane method Life’s DHA.

I have the grain blender for my Vitamix, so I will make my daughter’s cereal that way from now on.

western poem fewer moving

I heard about this bars on QVC thought I could get a better price on Amazon & I did. These taste so good, I like that they are all natural, they are so chewy. While I was eating one,they were so fresh that they started bending in my hand. I gave them to some of my co-workers to taste & they already want to order some. Wouldn’t hesitate to buy if you like a chewy, great tasting bar if you want something less chewy try the blueberry, pomagranite pistachio. I’ll be ordering more

judge flew universe battle

Aroma was awesome. As far as the taste goes, I definitely got the berry note. I was not as taken by the strength of the blend. Mild to bland would be my comment there. All in all, it was good, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to find it. From two to three stars based on the aromatherapy of the experience. Mild to non-existent aftertaste.

That said, if you LIKE milder, blander coffees, this might fill the bill. I just expected a heartier coffee.

All the best,